World War Z Gets a New Stabilizing Patch

Saber Interactive fixes issues with World War Z

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 May 2020

Recently, World War Z got a new edition and content but Saber Interactive is still working on the popular zombie-slaying title. With a new stabilizing patch.

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The patch is available on all platforms and fixes the following issues.

• Fixed critical memory leak that was causing a lot of crashes on Marseille maps. It is a temporary fix and more fixes are coming
• Fixed black render artifacts appearing on dark levels

• Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels

General Fixes
• Fixed issue that made several unique weapon variants free for everyone
• Imposing Arsenal trophy no longer requires unique weapon variants to be purchased
• Restored unique Thumper GL variant price back to 500
• Fixed issue with Auto Turret placement that was launching players up in the air
• Improved performance in the last segment of Marseille maps 2 and 3

World War Z is now available for PS4, Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

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World War Z


Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): Focus Home Interactive
Developer(s): Saber Interactive
Genres: Third-person Shooter
Themes: Zombie
Release Date: 2019-04-16

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