Gameplay From 3 Cancelled Arkane Studios Games Shown In New Noclip Documentary

Danny O'Dwyer managed to talk to the studio behind the Dishonored series about their projects, including three cancelled games.

By Daavpuke, Posted 27 May 2020

Danny O'Dwyer, formerly of GameSpot, released a documentary on developer Arkane Studios today, through their Patreon-supported company, Noclip. Along with their employees and supported by 4,197 patrons, O'Dwyer managed to talk to the studio behind the Dishonored series about their projects, including three cancelled games. The documentary is absolutely worth a watch, so at least put this in your queue, until you find the time to sit down for it. We'll try our best to give you a spoiler-free rundown.

In the first half of the documentary, the studio recaps the events that brought them to where they are, such as drawing inspiration from games like Deus Ex, which would shape their taste for emergent gameplay. The commercial hardship from their first title, Arx Fatalis, led the studio to eventually sign with Ubisoft to make Dark Messiah, a first-person Might and Magic game that has since attained cult status for its open gameplay structure.

Arkane continued to innovate and started work on their now-cancelled project, The Crossing, which would be playable as a singleplayer or a multiplayer game. The Crossing eventually fell through due to publisher drama.

During that time period, Arkane was also approached to make a game for filmmaker Steven Spielberg, which would be called LMNO. Originally, the game was meant to become part of a trilogy. Additionally, Spielberg clarified that the first-person game, featuring an alien companion, could not have lethal combat, to stay on brand.

Finally, the documentary delves deep into a title within Arkane that had a massive influence on their future, but was ultimately scrapped. The game is simply titled Ravenholm and was in production in Valve's Source engine.

All three games, including Ravenholm, show raw gameplay footage in the documentary. The latter in particular is a fascinating new look on what could have been. In the second half, the video also goes into the making of Dishonored and Prey.

Noclip makes their documentaries possible through crowdfunding on Patreon.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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