Beyond Blue: The Untold Story of the Deep

E-Line Media's new game allows players to explore our world's most unfamiliar regions.

By Kiemour, Posted 05 Jun 2020

Both now and in the near future, scientists are surveying the world's oceans in an attempt to better understand the mysteries that it holds. Inspired by BBC's Blue Planet II, the game Beyond Blue wants to offer players the opportunity to become a marine scientist, learning as much as they can about human impact on the oceans that make up most of our planet. 

Beyond Blue Underwater World

With extreme pollution, climate change and overfishing all causing a decline in the ocean's health, it is now more important than ever to understand the impact that we as humans have on the world around us. Because so many people are unable to see the wonders of the ocean and even fewer will be able to experience its majesty in later years, Beyond Blue gives players a small taste of a whole new world, directly under our noses.

Beyond Blue has been labeled as a game that creates "a better balance between genuine learning and robust, immersive gameplay." The game is based in an open world environment that encompasses our world's oceans and allows players to interact with all types of marine life. 

Beyond Blue's creative team has been working closely with oceanic experts, scientists, and even developers of BBC's Blue Planet II to create a game that reflects  the uncharted regions of Earth's oceans like never before.

Beyond Blue is now available for mobile and on its way to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on June 11.

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Beyond Blue


Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC, Mobile
Publisher(s): E-Line Media
Developer(s): E-Line Media
Genres: Sandbox
Themes: Open World, Sci-Fi
Release Date: 2020-06-11

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