Apex Legends Comes to Nintendo Switch with Cross-Play, New Collection Event

EA Play has revealed a slew of new content for their hit game

By TKras98, Posted 18 Jun 2020

Today, at the annual EA Play live event, Respawn Entertainment unveiled the next pieces of content coming to Apex Legends. Next week, players will get to experience the new Collection Event: Lost Treasures. Lost Treasures will bring back the fan favorite gamemode Armed and Dangerous, but in a new iteration called Armed and Dangerous Evolved. Players will still be restricted to shotguns and snipers, but armor will all be equal, and respawn beacons have been removed.

Crypto in a brand new Skin appearing in Crypto's Map Room

In their place, however, is the mobile respawn beacon. Players start the game with a mobile beacon in their inventory, and can deploy it anywhere, at any time, to revive your teammates. The event will also bring a slew of new cosmetics for players to earn, including a very flashy looking Pathfinder skin. Players will also be getting access to Mirage’s Heirloom: A trophy of Mirage, which plays classic Mirage quips with the pull of a string.

The other major announcement coming from the EA Play 2020 Event is the announcement of crossplay functionality, as well as a release on the Nintendo Switch and on Steam. Players will soon be able to play with their friends on Origin, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Tyler Krasnai.
Editor, NoobFeed

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