EA Play: Motive Studios Shows Off Star Wars: Squadrons

Fly for the New Republic and the Empire this Fall

By TKras98, Posted 19 Jun 2020

During their EA Play video today, EA showed off a slew of new and upcoming content. One of the most anticipated parts of the show was gameplay footage for the previously announced Star Wars Squadrons, a new game coming later this year from Motive Studios.

Star Wars Squadrons: A Team of New Republic Fighters

Star Wars Squadrons will put players not just in the flightsuit of one pilot, but two custom characters: a pilot flying for the New Republic, and one flying for the remnants of the Empire. The single player campaign will put players on both sides of the conflict, which follows the end of Return of the Jedi within the Star Wars timeline.

Motive also showed off the multiplayer aspects of Star Wars Squadrons. First off, the game will feature full crossplay support at launch, as well as be fully playable in VR. This means that, in multiplayer, PS4, PSVR, Xbox One, PC, and PC VR players will all be able to fight side by side. The game’s primary gamemode is going to be Fleet Mode, which resembles Battlefront II’s Capital Supremacy mode. Players will engage in a dogfight in a central region, before either advancing towards Enemy defenses or retreating to protect their own line. Players then have to either destroy or defend their capital ship. The game mode is split into five sections, and will probably take a chunk of time to play.

Tyler Krasnai.
Editor, NoobFeed

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