It's Happening! Twitch Actually Bans Abusers Permanently

Twitch seems to have finally listened to the community's cries to stop these abusers from returning to business as usual.

By Daavpuke, Posted 26 Jun 2020

Yesterday, streaming platform Twitch responded to the current flood of allegations around sexual harassment on their service.  In a Twitch blog post, the company lined out the usual words someone assigns to this sort of event. They're looking into it, they'll do better and so on. For instance, Twitch will look to increase censorship and automatic bans when it comes to certain words in their channels that are used for specified harassment, such as racial slurs or sexist comments.

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Better yet though, Twitch seems to have finally listened to the community's cries to stop these abusers from returning to business as usual. Several partners have started to receive bans that are, until further notice, permanent. Among the people who got deplatformed is popular streamer iamsp00n, who had stories against them from multiple sources. Surprisingly, BlessRNG was also issued a ban. This is surprising in the sense that this person is responsible for a default emote on Twitch, a rare honor that gives them a privileged position. If anything, this bold move is a good step for Twitch to prove that they're willing to cut into their own legacy to make things right. 

Several others, like WarwitchTV, were issued bans, with more expected to come. People are currently keeping an updated list of sexual harassment allegations. To stay updated on bans, you can visit or follow their Twitter account.

It feels weird to be surprised that Twitch is cracking down on abusers, but the platform has a long history of enabling it. Previously, the company had banned Fortnite streamer MrDeadMoth for physically abusing their partner on a live stream, only to unban them later. It took public outcry for Twitch to revert that action. Simply doing the right thing now is only a step in the right direction. Let's hope there's some consistency applied to the decisions as well.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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