Development for PAYDAY 3 Continues with Starbreeze Receiving SEK 250 Million

PAYDAY 3 set for a 2022-23 release

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Jun 2020

Since Overkill's The Walking Dead failed Starbreeze has been hanging on by a thread. The company fired its CEO and had a full reconstructing from December 2018 till December 2019. Today, the company received SEK 250, 26 million USD, from a rights issue and are using the fulls to commit to PAYDAY 3's development.

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In an official post:

Due to the delay in completing the publishing agreements during the first half of 2020, and in order to increase the ability for the Company to continue the development of PAYDAY 3 according to plan in order to further strengthen the ongoing discussions with the potential publishers up until an agreement, and enable the Company to fulfil its obligations to its creditors in line with the reorganization plan and the judicial composition, the Board of Directors has resolved, subject to approval by the EGM, on the Rights Issue.

PAYDAY 2 still remains a strong title. With 28 million downloads since 2013. PAYDAY 3 is set for a 2022-2023 release.

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