Internet Outrage Explodes Over July's PlayStation Plus Free Games

Only days after the reveal of three free games for the 10 year anniversary of PlayStation Plus, players have taken to the internet to complain about one specific revealed game.

By Kiemour, Posted 01 Jul 2020

On June 29, Playstation revealed its newest batch of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers during the month of July, with 3 titles instead of the usual 2 to celebrate the system's 10 year anniversary. Out of these three games, one particular game has been berated for being included on this special anniversary list.

PlayStation Plus' free games for July include "Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Anniversary," a unique interactive cinema game titled "Erica, and "NBA:2K20," the game that has caused so much disappointment in the PlayStation community.

Fans are complaining about this addition because of a recent sale for the game, as well as the game's insufficient gameplay and server connections. Many fans have replied to PlayStation in the comments of their Twitter post which announced the new games. Comments include players calling 2K20 "garbage" (Ky86515176), complaining that PlayStation has kicked off "a disappointing Anniversary" (AnimeLover0216), and that "for 10th anniversary, surely u [PlayStation] could do better than 3 games worth $20" (BalajiAsari). For those interested, even more comments, that are constantly being added, can be found on the Tweet's comment thread.

Twitter hate PS Plus July

With the significant amount of dislike that this reveal has received, many are wondering if Sony will allow its subscribers to vote for future games, or if they will change their lineup for July because of their fans' opinions. After all, the Sonic movie was pushed back to production just because the internet didn't care for the horribly rendered blue devil. 

Although it is unlikely that the games for next month will be changed, PlayStation will hopefully change their approach to their free game choices after these recent months of disappointment. For those who are interested in picking up the two games quality July games for free, the price change will go into effect on July 7. Additionally, a unique 10th Anniversary PS4 theme will be included for subscribers, outlining a timeline of the service's biggest achievements through the years. 

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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