Mojang Introduces A New Nether Mob In Minecraft, The Passive Strider

Minecraft gets its first fully passive mob

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Jul 2020

The Nether is full of deadly creatures, some like the Pigmen will only attack when provoked but all the others attack on sight. Now, there's a new non-aggressive mob in Minecraft called the Strider.


According to the official Minecraft blog:

“The Strider is unique in the sense that it is the only non-aggressive mob in the Nether,” says Brandon Pearce, developer on the gameplay team who’s been heavily involved in the Striders design. “Some players were scared of it, because that’s what they’d expect from something in the Nether, and because it was seen as somewhat ugly – only to realize ‘Oh wow, it’s actually peaceful!’”

The creature is entirely fireproof and can be used to ferry players across the lava. Remember that the only thing standing between you and a fiery death is this creature.

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