Don't Play Waifu Uncovered On Nintendo Switch On Your Commute To Work

Publisher eastasiasoft has announced that they will be publishing Waifu Uncovered on Nintendo Switch.

By Daavpuke, Posted 07 Jul 2020

Publisher eastasiasoft has announced that they will be publishing Waifu Uncovered on Nintendo Switch. If that title sounds like what you think it is, it's because it totally is.

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Waifu Uncovered is an anime game in the "lewd" category; essentially a vertical 2D shooter, but with pictures of girls in the background. Players are tasked with shooting the clothes off these giantesses, while also dodging incoming enemies and other hazards. Some of the enemies feature old "rage" faces, giving this game a distinct Meme Run quality to it. The prize is uncovering the girls or "waifus." There will be eight of these maidens to unlock, with a progression that gets more nude with the more you play.

One other peculiar design choice is a cooperative mode, so you can share this activity with a buddy, as well as a one finger mode, for different reasons. The following is not a joke, it's totally real: The developer is called One-Hand-Free Studios. Fill in the blanks on that however you like.

Waifu Uncovered will cost $6.99 or €6.99, depending on the territory. Preload of the game becomes possible on July 9, before the game's release on July 16, 2020. Additionally, the price gets a 20% discount for those who want to start blasting early. Previous versions of the game featured full-on nudity and Waifu Uncovered has been rated M for mature audiences, so it's expected to release as is. It's probably not a great idea to load this one up on the way to work.

There has been a resurgence of Gals Panic clones in recent years, a personal favorite if you'll indulge me. Though Waifu Uncovered mimicks the Deep Space Waifu series instead, it still falls in the forgotten category of a strip 'em up. These arcade machines used to be relegated to dark corners, for reasons. Playing them is a guilty pleasure that's now passed on to a new generation. Enjoy, with one hand free, apparently.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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