New Lego Set Gives Fans the Ability to Build Their Own NES System

New Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) revealed, built entirely from Lego pieces; supposedly will work with Nintendo's upcoming Mario builder sets.

By Kiemour, Posted 14 Jul 2020

With the upcoming release of Paper Mario: Origami King, a new buildable set of the plumber's first adventure has been announced. On July 14, Lego officially confirmed one of their newest buildable structures: a classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Complete with console, retro TV and game cartridge, the piece will let you "play" through World 1-1 of the original Super Mario Bros. game. 

The new set consists of 2,646 Lego pieces, including a crank mechanism that moves the constructed map, allowing builders to watch Mario jump through the stage. Although it is not a legitimate gaming system, it is still a unique nod to one of the video games and systems that started it all.


This new set was revealed through Lego's official Twitter page, and will be sold exclusively at the Lego store on August 1 for $230. No pre-order date has been announced, but we do know that the set will begin selling at other retail locations in 2021. 

Lego created this piece to coincide with the new Lego Super Mario sets, consisting of a $60 starter set, and a group of 10 expansions, ranging from $20 to $100 each. There will also be $5 blind-boxes and Power-Up packs, which allow users to give Mario a unique Fire Flower or Propeller Mario suit, $10 apiece. According to Lego's tweet, these sets will be compatible with the Lego NES, allowing users to "play" with the pieces in a new way.

This set is the most expensive Nintendo/Lego partnership piece, and will hopefully entertain gamers and Lego fans of all ages. 

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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