The Army Was Tricking Watchers On Twitch With Fake Giveaways

This is unacceptable on so many levels

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Jul 2020

Fake giveaways are common among streamers and YouTubers. You can find someone streaming the promise of giving away something easily and most times these insidious practices pay off for the user, gaining subscribers and views. However, the Army took it a step further. Tricking people with fake giveaways in an accept to recruit them.

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It seems like something out of The Simpsons but no, it happened. According to The Nation, the channel would have an automated chat prompt for winning an Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 but instead, take users to a recruiting form.

Twitch viewers in the Army’s channel are repeatedly presented with an automated chat prompt that says they could win a Xbox Elite Series 2 controller—an enhanced controller with customizable options and extra paddles for advanced play that costs upward of $200—and a link where they can enter the “giveaway.” It, too, directs them to a recruiting form with no additional mention of a contest, odds, total number of winners, or when a drawing will occur.

Kotaku followed up on this story and got an official statement from Twitch.

“Per our Terms of Service, promotions on Twitch must comply with all applicable laws,” a Twitch spokesperson told Kotaku in an email. “This promotion did not comply with our Terms, and we have required them to remove it.”

The Army is an official sponsor of Twitch's sports brand and channel. Appearing around some of the most popular video games and even board games, with commentators shouting out the army in praise.

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