Summoners War: Sky Arena Getting A Massive Update With More Dungeons, New Artifacts, and More

Summoners War: Sky Arena has more content on the way

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Jul 2020

Summoners War is one of the most popular mobile titles available now. After a massive reveal during a special live stream called "The Shift" that drew in 150,000 viewers, the developers provided new information about the future of the title. Including dungeons, Dimension Monthly Dungeon, Steel Fortress, Punisher's Crypt, and much more.

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According to an official press release the developers confirmed they're planning for the future of this massive title with much content over the years.

“We’re continually expanding the Summoners War IP onto new mediums while simultaneously bringing a steady stream of new content and fresh gameplay changes to our core and ever-growing fanbase who still devour our game to this day,” said Joohwan Lee, Head of Development, Com2uS. “We poured a lot of thought and passion into this update and are ecstatic to see how quickly players devour the new dungeons and implement the Artifact item class into their once ironclad team compositions!”

The first 3 dungeons will provide some of the best rewards and most difficult challenges in Summoners War: Sky Arena. With players able to face once a month a powerful enemy named Dimension Predator. Those strong enough to defeat the boss will get a 6-star Legendary Ancient Rune.

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2 more dungeons, Steel Fortress and Punisher's Crypt will have 10 floors and 4 waves of enemies per fight along with unique boss fights.

Artifacts will serve as a game-changer. With players able to augment their Monsters similar to Runes but with sub-properties such as Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark, and 4 types of stats.

Existing dungeons will be refined as part of the update to encourage replayability such as being expanded with 12 floors and increased drop rate on higher floors.

Summoners War: Sky Arena is now available for mobile devices.

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