Wait, They Made Meme Run 2? Poggers!

It turns out that Meme Run 2 was released last week and we didn't notice.

By Daavpuke, Posted 30 Jul 2020

In the hectic video game world, sometimes some stories fly under the radar. Today, we are rectifying one of the prior unreported cases. It turns out that Meme Run 2 was released last week and we didn't notice. We regret the error, but here it is now.

Meme Run 2, Steam, Poggers

Meme Run 2 is a PC release that is nothing if not a game that knows exactly where they come from and what they're doing. The description on Steam comes right out with it, saying: "The sequel to the most controversial Wii U exclusive returns!"

The original Meme Run was the oddest thing on the Nintendo Wii U. Loud, abrasive; the game features nothing but blaring sounds and a style that can only be described as hurling endless garbage at the screen. While Meme Run 2 does that exact same shtick, the art has at least been upgraded from being mostly stolen assets, to just mimicked references. The world of this endless runner is still littered with things like "NPC face" or "stonks," but there is at least a layer of added value present. In particular, the game comes with some pixel art of Illuminati references.

The point of the endless runner is simple: Run and jump as far as possible, while the screen gets assaulted with visually impairing imagery. While trying to amass as many Swag Points as possible, the game will periodically point out "meme" numbers like 69 or 1337. There's even a 9/11 joke about melting steel beams, which will be about as humorous as you think poking fun at disaster can be funny. The point is, the game is memeing, at all times.

Of course, Meme Run 2 is available for purchase for the price of €4.20. This game knows exactly how to market itself and there's definitely an admirable quality to that.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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