Post Void Is A Shooter More Punk Than You

Developer YCJY Games has definitely nailed that angle with their latest release, Post Void.

By Daavpuke, Posted 07 Aug 2020

Every so often, video games are blessed with an entry that oozes cool and style. Your Hotline Miami, your Ape Out, your Broforce; sometimes a game looks and feels like you can play it with sunglasses on the entire time. Developer YCJY Games has definitely nailed that angle with their latest release, Post Void.

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What can only be described as an active acid trip, Post Void is a madcap first person shooter (FPS) with procedurally generated areas. The goal is to dash through 11 such challenges, while zooming past enemies, never not running or shooting. Weapons might have infinite ammo, but the player is also taking damage at all times. To replenish health, it's necessary to keep mowing down baddies. Run and shoot, like your life depends on it, because it quite literally does. Each stage is ended by finding the jump towards the next existential nightmare.

The pace and flat textures are reminiscent of the earliest names in the FPS genre, like Wolfenstein 3D. The gameplay and aesthetic, however, feel more like Hotline Miami. There's some Heavy Bullets in there or even a smidge of that game's follow-up, High Hell.

YCJY Games, a studio in Sweden composed of just two people, has stated that their inspiration is drawn from Devil Daggers and Downwell. If every game mentioned so far sounds like it's incredibly cool, it's because they are. The hand-drawn doodle touches, the saturated colors, the fried glitches; this is a game that is punk AF.

Making this an even easier decision, the game is out now on PC via Steam for the small discounted price of €1.65 or $1.99. The team even manages to get local pricing right. In fact, at full price, Post Void only costs €2.50 or $2.99, like a local punk band record. Support your scene.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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