Summoners War Reaches 116 Million Downloads And $2 Billion In Revenue

Summoners War continues to grow

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Aug 2020

Summoners War has become one of the highest-grossing mobile titles of all time. With the game reaching 116 million downloads and $2 billion in revenue worldwide.

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The news was confirmed in an official press release:

“With $2 billion in revenue, Summoners War: Sky Arena remains a major force in mobile gaming thanks to our constant flow of content updates from our dedicated developer team, but most importantly, due to our never-resting fans who support our game with nearly unrivaled fandom and competitive spirit,” said the President of GAMEVIL Com2uS, Kyu Lee. “We’re also taking this momentum by the reins and charging forward with some huge IP expansion projects that we can’t wait to share more details about throughout the year.”

Com2uS and Skybound are currently working on a comic series based on the IP with a release date coming soon called Summoner Wars: Legacy.

You can read the entire infographic provided below.

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Publisher(s): Aitor Aginaga
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