Rocksteady Accused of Inaction Against Staff Harassment

Rocksteady responses to open letter sent to The Guardian about workplace harassment

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Aug 2020

Rocksteady Studios is best known for the Batman Arkham games and recently revealed a teaser for their next game starring the Suicide Squad. However, recently an anonymous letter was sent to The Guardian regarding harassment at the company and how little action was taken in response.

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According to the article:

More than half of the women employed at the London-based video game developer Rocksteady two years ago signed a letter to bosses accusing the studio of failing to prevent sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour in the office, the Guardian can reveal.

The letter, dated November 2018 and signed by 10 of the company’s 16 female staff at the time, raised complaints about behaviour including “slurs regarding the transgendered community” and “discussing a woman in a derogatory or sexual manner with other colleagues”, and sexual harassment “in the form of unwanted advances, leering at parts of a woman’s body, and inappropriate comments in the office”.

The article went on stating the only response to the letter sent to HR was an hour-long seminar with a signature of completion. With those fearing retaliation if they spoke up such as not being given credit for a game's completion. Which has happened to many projects, not just video games. A notorious example is the animated comedy film Sausage Party which left about half of the animators uncredited or when Xseed did not credit producer Brittant Avery for her work on The Legend of Heroes; Trials of Code.

Rocksteady did provide an open statement about the article.


While working on our response to the recent news, we received the following unsolicited letter.

— Rocksteady Studios (@RocksteadyGames) August 19, 2020

Rocksteady confirmed the letter's points were indeed true but strangely stated that "None of the current female employees at the studio were involved with the letter were contacted about his letter being released to the media until we informed by the studio". It was an anonymous letter so how they know who made it.

All of this comes after a wave of sexual misconduct was made public within the gaming industry. The most notorious being Ubisoft where several former and current members were accused of using their positions of power to prey on employees.

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