Apex Legends Director Interested in Netflix Series of the Battle Royale

With the release of Season 6 earlier this week, Apex Legends' director admits that he would be interested in a Netflix adaptation of the lore, but the game remains his current focus.

By Kiemour, Posted 20 Aug 2020

Apex Legends kicked off Season 6 earlier this week by introducing a new hero, Rampart. She debuted with a unique backstory, which showed her recruitment to the Apex Games after being attacked in her own shop. With the game's increasing success and popularity, developer Respawn Entertainment seems to have no intention of slowing down the game's progress.

In a recent interview with GamesRadar, the game's director, Chad Grenier was asked about a port to next-generation consoles for his battle royale. Although he did not directly answer this question one way or another, he had an enthusiastic response to questions concerning an upcoming Netflix adaptation. "Yeah, I would love to do that. That sounds awesome. A Netflix animated series of Apex? Sign me up!...I think right now we're focused on making the game, but heck, if someone wants to pitch me something I'll listen." 

However, this enthusiasm is not a promise that a Netflix show is on the way, especially with Grenier's focus on the game that he discussed. On the other hand, a Netflix adaptation of the game's lore would make a lot of sense for the platform, as Netflix has already created very similar and successful adaptations such as Castlevania, the live-action Witcher, and even a recently announced Splinter Cell adaptation, originally a game created by Ubisoft.

If an Apex Legends show were to come to fruition, it may pose some challenges, especially considering the size of the cast. Because the battle royale doesn't even have a main character, who would headline a potential Netflix adaptation? Such a large cast would also present challenges when trying to balance everyone's screen time, not to mention the main storyline of the show. 

For the most part, much of Apex Legends' lore and story building has been built outside of the game, although quest lines in Seasons 5 & 6 have begun to focus on the legends' relationship with one another and more specifically, with Revenant. On the other hand, Rampart's backstory does feature Kuben Blisk, the main antagonist of Titanfall 2 and the creator of the Apex Games. 

Blisk, Titanfall

Because Titanfall's storyline exists in the same universe as Apex, it is possible that a new storyline would lead into Titanfall 3 or even incorporate the game's lore into a future Netflix show. The team responsible for Apex Legends, as stated by lead designer Carlos Pineda, loves the Titanfall universe, and is always looking for ways to connect the two games. 

Connecting the Titanfall universe with the characters and events of Apex Legends would be a dream come true for many fans, provided that it is done accurately and cleanly. Although the Legends seem to have established their own storyline separate from that of the Titanfall series, a new Netflix adaptation could easily link the two games together through an all-new storyline.

Speaking for all fans of Titanfall and Apex Legends, I would prefer and hope that the game's creators and story-writers are consulted in order to give the most accurate and welcoming depiction of the universe. Since Grenier is already so excited about a potential show, it shouldn't be too hard to ask him for creative insight.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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