Gotham Knights Revealed to Lukewarm Response, Fans Disappointed

Gotham Knights is real and fans are not excited

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Aug 2020

Today, WB Games confirmed that Gotham Knights is real and much of the rumored information was true. Fans on the other hand were disappointed with the trailer and what it showed for the future of this franchise.

Gotham Knights,NoobFeed,

Step Into The Knight and save Gotham from chaos. Welcome to #GothamKnights.

— Gotham Knights (@GothamKnights) August 22, 2020

The trailer doesn't fully confirm if this is the sequel to Batman Arkham Knight as Red Hood is present but Barbara can walkBatman is gone and his legacy Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Barbara Gordon (Who can walk now) now serve as Gotham's protectors. With Jim Gordon gone they can only trust themselves and not rely on the GDCP for aid.

The issue with the trailer is that it shows drastic changes to the core mechanics. The first being these bright lights on each of the characters and confirming this is a cooperative game. There's a lot of neon in this trailer and is distracting, taking away from the dark and serious atmosphere of the original games. The costume's support this cooperative focus with bright outfits that look more than they fit into the Batman the Animated Series universe than the Arkham games. And the combat lacks that brutal tone, especially when Red Hood uses his guns. They look like lasers and Robin can teleport using a drone from the Justice League to teleport, what is this?

The trailer ends with the confirmation of the Court of Owls and a release window of 2021 but there's more, alpha gameplay footage.

We see Batgirl in action during a Mr. Freeze storyline which is strange considering that Arkham Knight Mr. Freeze decided to complete suicide along with his wife by living their last days together. The game is cooperative with a 2-player option with heavy RPG elements. RPG was always present in the Batman Arkham games but not to this degree, with enemies with levels and damage appearing based on your level. There was a short image of experiencing being fed into armor upgrades at 2:05. Even the soundtrack is differently toned from the other Arkham games.

The short demo provide a look at the fight between Mr. Freeze. It was made note that the bosses will keep pace with the player. With attacks based on the level of the character.

Perhaps the reason not naming the game part of the Arkham series is intentional. The changes in this title are very drastic from the cooperative focus, neon lights, soundtrack, and teleportation that it doesn't look like an Arkham game anymore. The series has become another looter.

Gotham Knights launches in 2021.


It has been confirmed Gotham Knights is not part of the Arkham series.

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