Upcoming LEGO Star Wars Game Delayed to 2021

Despite reports earlier this year for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga to release in mid-October of 2020, TT tries to silently change the game's release date.

By Kiemour, Posted 27 Aug 2020

Many gamers will likely remember the original Lego Star Wars game, which was a huge success that led on for a whole Lego universe across fantasies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and even the Avengers. Through an announcement trailer earlier in 2020, TT revealed that a new Lego Star Wars was coming. 

The one game would be a combination of all nine Star Wars episodes in LEGO format, meainging three brand new levels and secret areas for many of the maps. The trailer promised an October 2020 release date, but recent changes to Lego's page reveal a delayed date. 

The official website for The Skywalker Saga has recently changed its preamble fom "Coming October 2020" to "Coming 2021", which was caught by one Ryan (The Fallen) on ResetEra.This change is not just surprising because of the changed release date, but is also peculiar, as the game's developers had shown enthusiasm towards the October release.

Lego Star Wars, Release Delay

 During an interview at E3 2019, Game Director James McLoughlin detailed the possibilities of this upcoming game, revealing that the team had built the game from the ground up to create new content for their biggest game; to pay homage to the one that started it all. He continued, stating that players would be able to travel to any location in the Star Wars universe, instead of being compacted into a Cantina hub, as with the original.

Therefore, it begs the question: If McLoughlin were so confident in the game in 2019, what could have gone wrong to lead to a delayed release date? Many are assuming that the stay-at-home mandate has caused a slowdown and restrictions in work, as has happened to many companies. However, it is also possible that the game's creators ran into a speed bump when coding the upcoming masterpiece.

Whatever the reason may be, the Lego Star Wars:The Skywalker Saga website now reads "Coming Soon", likely to quell questions and fears of a delayed release. Many users are hoping for an announcement from TT to confirm this new relase date. But for now, it seems that players will have to wait a bit longer. 

Kieran Mouritsen 
Editor, NoobFeed

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