Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Developers Apologize For Launch Issues

Square Enix developers apologize for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition's poor launch

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Sep 2020

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered has had a poor reception since launch. This largely due to the game's poor quality with glitches and network problems. Square Enix provided an official post apologizing to fans for the issues.

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Director Araki Ryoma provided a message to fans:

I also make my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused during play.

First of all, the situation where players were unable to play immediately after launch was caused by our servers going over capacity. We ran maintenance to increase that server capacity on August 29, which has led to comparatively stable running thereafter. Going forward, we will move to address any further server issues as required.

We would also like to release rapid updates to address the bugs that are getting in the way of players’ experiences with the game and are working on the update schedule announced above.

The following updates are planned:

All platforms

Fixes for the issue where players will count as already having spawned an unknown element hotspot after being matched with a player who has spawned one and completed a dungeon in multiplayer.

Fixes for the issue where items can be obtained infinitely.

iOS and Android versions

Improvements to the frequency of freezes during loading.

In addition, the following new feature is also scheduled:

All platforms

Ability for the hosting player to skip boss introduction cut scenes and myrrh drop scenes in multiplayer.

iOS and Android versions*

Ability to skip boss introduction cut scenes and myrrh drop scenes in single play.

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