Cyberpunk 2077 Rockstar Energy Drink Promotion Confirmed Because Why Not

Microsoft loves their energy drinks

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Sep 2020

At this point Microsoft should just start selling energy drinks, with a new Cyberpunk 2077 promotion featuring Xbox Gift Cards if you buy participating Rockstar Energy Drinks.

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The promotion will run from October 1st until December 31, 2020. With specially marked cans including codes that can be redeemed for $1 Xbox gift cards.

This North American program features four unique collectible cans, plus limited-edition Samurai Cola in the U.S. and featured bottles in Mexico. Every Cyberpunk 2077 Rockstar Energy Drink includes codes under the tabs allowing users to bank $1 Xbox gift cards with every can, unlock the exclusive digital comic series “Where’s Johnny?” and earn entries for the chance to win prizes every day.

Microsoft has run a previous promotion with Rockstar Energy Drinks with Gears of War 4, which I can confirm is still being advertised on the game when you start it up. In addition, Microsoft is running a campaign with Monster Energy Drinks featuring Halo Infinite codes despite the game's delay.

Just loaded up Gears of War 4 to finish some easter egg videos and got this message. So yea, Microsoft loves their energy drinks.

— Adam Siddiqui (@AMHarbinger) September 1, 2020

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