Left 4 Dead 2 Community Update Planned For September 24th With Valve's Approval

Left 4 Dead 2 The Last Stand update coming this September 24th

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Sep 2020

Valve has a decorated line of incredible IPs, one of them being Left 4 Dead. A franchise that Valve promised to support for years but has depended on community updates to keep the franchise alive. Well, today Valve approved an official community update that will bring brand new content to Left 4 Dead 2 called The Last Stand.

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This update was made possible thanks to 30+ community members working on this project for 11 months. The update will include 30 new achievements, 2 new mutations, bug fixes, PvP updates, and much more. It's all free but only available on PC.

It's unlikely it'll ever come to consoles as Microsoft forced Valve to charge for Left 4 Dead DLC despite the company wanting to give it away for free. Not to mention there are not been a re-release of these games on modern systems. Currently, the game is not free-to-play but Valve has given away Left 4 Dead before and it could happen again.

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