Sony Reuploads Gameplay Trailer For Demon's Souls Remake With 1 Small Change

Demon's Souls trailer is back up but without the PC option listed

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Sep 2020

When the Demon's Souls PS5 trailer released yesterday many were excited to see the "PC" option listed. However, the trailer was taken down and now reuploaded with the final part starting it'll be exclusive to PS5.

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This was confirmed yesterday by Sony that the remake of the beloved PS3 classic won't come to PC. Many were hoping for this since Horizon Zero Dawn came to PC and wished that Sony would do the same for Demon's Souls. Considering that this is one of the most anticipated launch titles for the PS5 it's unlikely Sony would let go of such a system seller. They already did that once when Demon's Souls launched on PS3 but didn't perform well initially. Then Bandai Namco took a chance on FromSoftware's creation and reaped the benefits from the Dark Souls franchise.

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