Minecraft Getting Goats And Powder Snow

New Minecraft content added to the Bedrock Beta

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Oct 2020

Minecraft continues to grow with new content being tested in the Bedrock Beta version of the game. Adding powder snow and goats to the game.


This is part of the Caves and Cliffs themed Bedrock Beta. Goats can be found in mountain areas and attack the player or other creatures who get too close.

You read it correctly: Goats are jumping, bouncing, and charging into our first Caves & Cliffs-themed Bedrock Beta. These cliff-climbing creatures can be found spawning in extreme hills biomes doing… whatever goats do in their spare time. Besides the occasional erratic jump, they also love to spontaneously ram any mountain hiker they get close to, sending them flying down the very mountain they just climbed. It’s not that these goats are hostile, just a bit passive-aggressive – I can relate, not having had my breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, or dinner coffee yet!

Powder Snow will reduce fall damage and allow the player to sink through the block.

This porous block ignores fall damage, but mind your step or you will find yourself sinking right through it, greatly limiting your mobility. You could also wear a pair of leather boots, which will allow you to walk on powder snow blocks without sinking into one. But since I already recommended wearing Netherite armor, I feel that would be counterproductive.

These features are being tested on the PC, Xbox One, and Android versions of the game.

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