Gran Turismo 7 Hinted At 2021 Release

YouTube ad for Gran Turismo 7 reveals possible release date

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Nov 2020

The PlayStation 5 has a strong lineup of acclaimed titles and post-launch titles. One of these being Gran Turismo 7 which according to a YouTube ad will launch in the first half of 2021.

Gran Turismo 7,NoobFeed,

According to gtplanet an ad was seen stating "First Half of 2021". The next installment in the popular simulation racer has been confirmed to launch within the window of the PS5 launch so this release does carry some weight to it.

With the PS5 launching this month it's likely we'll get a release date soon for this anticipated title.

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Platform(s): PS4
Publisher(s): Polyphony Digital
Developer(s): Sony
Genres: Racing
Themes: Simulator, CARpg
Release Date: 2022-03-04

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