Destruction AllStars Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

Destruction AllStars gameplay trailer shows off hijacking and driving systems

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Nov 2020

Today Sony revealed the first gameplay trailer for Destruction AllStars, showing off various playable characters the hectic racing and platforming action.

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The trailer is about 2 minutes long and shows off various characters, with the central focus being Aquire who sports a wolf pet in cyan colors. If the player loses access to their vehicle they can traverse the environment on foot and hijack other vehicles. We get a look at the 15 characters players can choose from the classic gamer cat lady to the cool Andrew Garfield looking dude.

The game looks great, with flashy colors and appealing mechanics. We'll have to see how this system is balanced when the game launches.

Destruction AllStars was delayed to February 2021 recently and will be available through PlayStation Plus for free. The game was originally going to release alongside the PS5 but was pushed back.

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Publisher(s): Sony
Developer(s): Lucid Games
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Themes: Sport
Release Date: 2021-02

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