Crysis Remastered Xbox One Patch Adds Classic Suit And Fixes Issues

New fixes added to Crysis Remastered

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Nov 2020

Crytek has a new patch for the Xbox One version of Crysis Remastered. With new performance updates, bug fixes, and a classic suit mode.


Performance mode will lock the frame-rate at 30, frame pacing, and improve ray tracing mode. Along with bug fixes for distance mountain trees flickering, shadows on the beach not appearing, and more.

<>General Updates

· Classic suit mode has been added.

· Improved the look of Admiral Morrison (Reckoning) to be more in line with the original.

· Improved visuals for the Generic NPCs on Reckoning - Fleet.

· Improved visuals for the hostages on Recovery - village.

· Added simplified and Traditional Chinese languages.




· FPS is now locked to 30FPs while in performance mode.

· Improved frame pacing.

· Improved Ray Tracing mode in order to fix small stutter issues.


Bug Fixes


· Fixed a bug that resulted in a visible and constant flickering with distant mountain trees.

· Fixed an issue where several tree shadows would appear to be blinking on the beach.

· Fixed an issue that caused noticeable changes to the shadows cast by the trees.

· Fixed a bug that resulted in the screen being distorted after changing the video settings.

· Fixed a bug that caused an unnecessary fire reflection to appear on the water on Reckoning.

· Fixed an issue that prevent HDR from being activated.

· Fixed an issue that resulted in the shortcuts for cloak and armor to not function correctly.

· Fixed a bug that resulted in the Seph Scout AI not shooting the player.

· Fixed several reflections that were too bright.

· Fixed some artifacts that would appear on screen when entering certain rooms on Reckoning.

· Fixed an issue that resulted in experiencing a low draw distance.

· Fixed a bug that resulted in not being able to activate nano suit mode due to the options not saving.

· Fixed the missing tank track physics.

· Fixed the intensity of the moon light lines.

· Fixed Admiral Morrison's dying animation to be more in line with the original.

· Fixed an excessive glow effect that came from the Ceph Hunter.

· Fixed a bug that caused a white graphical artifact to appear in the sky on Exodus - Sphere.

· Corrected the flashlight cone and circle in gameplay to be in line with what is shown in the Aztec cutscene.

· Fixed an issue that could cause the title screen to freeze when loading into a level.

· Fixed several red artifacts that would appear during gameplay.

· Fixed the flickering glow effect that is given off by the fire on Assault - Harbor.

· Fixed the skins of the Korean soldiers as to not appear transparent.

· Fixed a bug that allowed light to pass through the wall inside the carrier on Reckoning - Fleet.

· Fixed several assets for the small broken plastic bottles on Awakening.

· Fixed some unexpected lighting changes that occurred due to the position of the camera on Awakening - Mine.

· Fixed a round shadow artifact that would appear on Reckoning - Fleet.

· Fixed the flickering violet light near the VTOL engine on Exodus - Sphere.

· Fixed the noticeable border on the rock texture on Core - Core.

· Fixed an issue that caused boxes to go through the table geometry on Reckoning - Fleet.

· Fixed an issue that caused a significant framerate drop on Recovery - Village.

· Fixed the big bottle assets.

· Fixed multiple LOD pop-up issues.

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