12 Minutes of New Demon's Souls Gameplay Released

New footage for Demon's Souls shows quick loading times

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Nov 2020

Demon's Souls PS5 is one of the PS5's biggest launch titles with Bluepoint and Sony releasing more footage of the game.

Demon's Souls,NoobFeed,

The footage shows that the combat animation has been altered from the original to complement the new visuals. The game's audio has been remade to give players more aware of their environment. The enemy AI has remained largely untouched so you can use the same strategies from the original here.

The game was running in dynamic 4K with 60FPS in performance but players can choose a cinematic mode that runs at 30 FPS with native 4K. The developers took the time to add more assets to make the environments more layered with a lot more items peppered throughout. Allowing the environments to feel more like living areas that have abandoned and now house deadly monsters.

Demon's Souls launches for PS5 this November 12th.

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