DOS Box Receives Major Modern Update

DOS Box Pure makes it easier to play retro PC games.

By Fragnarok, Posted 17 Nov 2020

DOS Box is an open source emulator that mimics old x86 PCs. While originally made by Peter Veenstra and Sjoerd van der Berg (the DOS Box Team) back in 2002, its free and open nature has allowed any programmer to use and modify the system. Developer Bernhard Schelling has released his own vision for DOS Box that he has dubbed DOS Box Pure. Features include loading directly from ZIP archives (including automatically mounting CD images), controller support, save states, and more.

Dos Box Pure|Steam|GOG|Id Software|LucasArts|Bethesda

Many publishers have officially endorsed the base DOS Box emulator to play their older DOS titles, including Id Software, LucasArts, and Bethesda Softworks. In many cases, Steam and GOG will directly wrap DOS Box into their older retro games. Users might not even realize there is an emulator in the background. Hopefully, these prepackaged digital versions will be fully compatible with DOS Box Pure or at least have minimal bugs.           

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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