Batman Arkham Knight Gets a Free Update Featuring WBID Exclusive Skins

Previous exclusive skins now available in Batman Arkham Knight

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Dec 2020

Batman: Arkham Knight has a tone of optional skins but some were exclusives locked through pre-order bonuses and other means. 2 of which were unlocked through WBID but now are available to everyone.

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The skins are the Anime Batman Skin and Zur En Arrh skins. The Anime skin was used in Field Test as part of the Batman: Gotham Knights series. The Zur En Arrh skin is based on the alter ego of Tlano, an alien who was inspired by Bruce Wayne to become a Batman of his own planet.

Currently, 2 new Batman games are in development. One based on the Arkham universe and will star the Suicide Squad trying to kill Superman. The other taking place in an alternative universe called Gotham Knights where players can take control of Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl after Batman's death.

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