Call of Duty: Mobile Generates Over $14 million In 1 Week After Debuting In China

Call of Duty: Mobile makes over $14 million in 1 week

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Jan 2021

China is one of the biggest markets for gaming, especially for mobile gaming. With Call of Duty: Mobile debuting in the country recently the title has reached over $14 million in just 1 week.

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Activision's mobile hit finally launched in China on December 25th, and ranked at No.4 in the country's top grossing mobile games charts for the week ending on December 31, Sensor Tower reported.

It was beaten to No.1 by Tencent's Honor for Kings, which made $64 million during that week. PUBG Mobile ranked at No.2 with $24 million, followed closely by Fantasy Westward Journey at $23 million.

Call of Duty and Activision, in general, has made huge profits with $3 billion in just 2020. Despite this Activision Blizzard is notorious for letting employees go and paying them so little they cannot purchase food in the company cafeteria. 

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