Dragon Age 4 Set In The Tevinter Imperium

A Bioware art book reveals the setting of Dragon Age 4.

By Fragnarok, Posted 26 Jan 2021

Bioware has released a new anniversary art book titled Bioware: Stories and Secrets From 25 Years of Game Development. The book touches on many past projects from Baldur’s Gate to Jade Empire to MDK2. However, the most interesting tidbit is a section on current projects, including Dragon Age 4. The art book confirms that the game will take place in mostly the Tevinter Imperium. But, there are signs that players will likely wander to Antiva, Tevinter’s Eastern neighbor and home to the character Zevran Araini. This news shouldn’t be a huge shock, as Tevinter served as the main antagonist force during Dragon Age Inquisition. The final DLC pack Trespasser also heavily implied that the story would head directly to the Tevinter Imperium.

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Hopefully, the details of the art book are still accurate for Dragon Age 4’s current development. The published book lists staff members that departed Bioware during 2020, including general manager Casey Hudson and executive producer Mark Darrah. It is hard to say if the remaining members will make any drastic changes. For now, Electronic Arts estimates that the next installment of Dragon Age should release in 2022.            

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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