Skylanders Ring of Heroes Getting New In-Game Events and PvE Modes

Skylanders Ring of Heroes has a new massive update

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Feb 2021

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is getting a new content drop today with new PvE modes and in-game rewards.

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The newly added Episode Dungeon offers in-depth backstories for players aching to learn more about a Skylander’s past. Episode Dungeon includes the following new PvE modes:


Story Mode – Before and after each battle, players are given bits and pieces of a Ring of Heroes’ “Star Character,” who remains mysteriously shrouded until the mode is completed.


Sparring Mode – After Story Mode, the Star Character will be revealed as the boss! Each of Sparring Mode’s 20 stages increase in difficulty as players progress through them. It’s a daunting task, but adjustable parameters within each Sparring Stage such as the number of rounds or enemies per round can be adjusted.


The new update will also add Episode Pass, which is a battle pass. Players can earn rewards by clearing missions related to the Episode Dungeon. Earning enough gold will grant access to the Golden Queen and when defeated will reward you with more gold.

Starting now until February 28th players can complete daily missions to receive rewards along with special daily check-in events and multiple community events.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes is now available for mobile devices.

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