Monster Hunter Rise Ships 4 Million Units Globally

Monster Hunter Rise hits record numbers in just a few days

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Mar 2021

Monster Hunter Rise has been highly anticipated by many fans after the massive success of Monster Hunter World. With the game now reaching 4 million units shipped on just the Switch. 

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It took Monster Hunter World months to reach these numbers but granted the series but back then the game didn't hit the mainstream. After word of mouth started spreading combined with massive updates and a fantastic expansion Monster Hunter skyrocketed, with the series becoming one of Capcom's biggest IPs.

Monster Hunter Rise is an all-new Monster Hunter title for Nintendo Switch. The game was developed with Capcom's proprietary RE ENGINE in order to provide a new, accessible Monster Hunter experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and with anyone. In addition to new monsters and locales, the game provides a completely fresh take on the hunting experience through a host of new, exhilarating hunting actions made possible with the Wirebug. With this, players can traverse rocky cliffs via the Wall Run, soar over craggy terrain and through the air at high speed, or even bind monsters and control them. Further adding to the excitement is the debut of new "canyne" hunting partners called Palamutes, which hunters can ride to quickly navigate the maps. The title garnered critical acclaim following the release of two demos featuring both local and online cooperative play prior to launch, with resulting shipments exceeding 4 million units.

Monster Hunter Rise is not expected to hit Xbox or PlayStation consoles but will launch on PC at a later date. 

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for Switch.

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