Battlefield 2042 Launches This October, Next-Gen Versions Support Twice the Players

Battlefield 2042 launches this year with next-generation improvements

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Jun 2021

Battlefield 1 did not garner a popular response especially after the poor post-launch period that resulted in a lukewarm ending. Now EA and DICE are seeking to reclaim the glory of the franchise by going forward in time with Battlefield 2042. 

A huge cinematic trailer was released showing off the return of Levolution, basically massive changes to the map due to weather conditions and other outside elements introduced in Battlefield 4. The trailer showed off a huge windstorm that sucked up multiple vehicles as a soldier dives out and takes to the skies in a wingsuit.

Battlefield 2042,NoobFeed,EA,DICE,

Battlefield 2042,NoobFeed,EA,DICE,

Battlefield 2042,NoobFeed,EA,DICE,

Battlefield 2042,NoobFeed,EA,DICE,

It's flashy and an impressive cinematic trailer but it's just cinematics. EA has a history of marketing their games with lavish cinematic trailers only for the actual game to fall massively short, such as Anthem. More gamers have become wise to this and instead wait for actual gameplay which is still subject to change but offers more concrete evidence of what they can expect. A gameplay trailer is set for June 13th so we don't have to wait long before actual gameplay is shown.

EA and DICE did confirm some details such as the game launch for current and last generation systems. The PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the game will get a massive upgrade, with 128 player battles and PS4 and Xbox One versions getting 64 player battles. How the maps will support nearly twice the player count and still be balanced on both versions of the game will be interesting to see.

Most shocking is that the game won't include a single-player campaign.

Battlefield 2042 launches on October 22nd for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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