Five Nights At Freddy's Creator Retires After Political Donations Become Public

The creator of Five Nights At Freddy's has retired

By Grayshadow, Posted 17 Jun 2021

Five Nights At Freddy's is one of the biggest indie projects in history. Created by Scott Cawthon the series was born after one of his previous works was criticized for being creepy. Cawthon ran with the criticism and Five Nights At Freddy's was born. The series rose to unexpected heights due to YouTubers such as PewdiePie and Markiplier. Another reason was the thousands of fans attempting to decrypt the many hidden mysteries within the franchise with popular channel Game Theory being one of the biggest contributors. However, recently it became known that Cawthon donated to unpopular politicians and was harassed tremendously, even causing panic with his pregnant wife.

Cawthon did state that if his actions to exercise his right as an American citizen were going harm he would retire and that's exactly what he did. With the creator officially retiring.


The future Five Nights At Freddy's will continue such as Security Breach which is bring published by Steel Wool Games. There's also a film and more books being written.

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Platform(s): PC, Mobile
Publisher(s): Scott Cawthon
Developer(s): Scott Cawthon
Genres: Survival Horror
Themes: Horror
Release Date: 2015-03-02

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