Rumor: EA Motive Working on Dead Space Reveal

Dead Space may make a return

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Jun 2021

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was a massive success for EA. Bringing a legendary series to modern audiences and even becoming the most stream game for days after launch. Dead Space is another massive franchise from EA that was left in limbo after the underwhelming Dead Space 3 that ended the franchise on a cliffhanger. Well, it seems EA Motive may be working on a revival project for the franchise.

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According to VGC GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb stated that EA Motive is working on an established IP and stated "we're going to see it...if we're not dead first". This indicates Dead Space is the game being teased. Unfortunately, even if it's the Dead Space Trilogy the IP still ends on a cliffhanger. Especially since Visceral Games, the minds behind the franchise, have left to develop new projects.

Dead Space 4 was in development and the creative minds had an ending in mind but have yet to share what it was with fans. Stating that the devil they know is better than the devil they don't. But due to EA's interference with the franchise, high demands for Dead Space 3's performance, heavy monetization, Dead Space 2's expensive but poor marketing, and slashing the budget of the third game created the perfect storm for it to underperform. 

Visceral went on to make Battlefield Hardline, which failed as well, and the canceled Star Wars game before the studio was shut down.

As a fan of Dead Space, I would love to see it return. Survival horror is a rare genre that only indie games seem to take a risk developing. The recent Resident Evil Village, while a huge success, was heavily criticized for not being as scary as Resident Evil 7 which many praised for going back to the franchise's roots. It would be ironic considering that Dead Space debuted when Resident Evil 5 launched and was considered by many to be more Resident Evil than Resident Evil.

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