SINoALICE Celebrates 1st Global Anniversary With Special Event

SINoALICE giving away dozens of free items to fans

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Jun 2021

SINoALICE is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with a special event starting now. With players able to earn free twilight crystals and new classes. 


Players can unlock Alice/Proud Lion Half-Nightmare, Alice/Envious Serpent Gunner for Alice, and Gretel/Gluttonous Tiger Sorcerer throughout the event. Over the course of 14 days, you can summon 11 times in the Goodies Galore and Loser's Grimoire. Earning lots of weapons and more stuff.

Requirements & Rewards

Step 1: Gather 100,000 A weapons & get Twilight Crystal x50

Step 2: Gather 200,000 A weapons & get Twilight Crystal x100

Step 3: Gather 500,000 A weapons & get Twilight Crystal x150 and free SR x1 Guaranteed Grimoire x11

Step 4: Gather 1,000,000 A weapons & get Twilight Crystal x200

Step 5: Gather 2,000,000 A weapons & get Twilight Crystal x200

Final Step: Gather 3,500,000 A weapons & get Twilight Crystal x200 and free SR x1 Guaranteed Grimoire x11

During the "One Year of Terror" campaign, you can earn up to 3,000 twilight crystals (worth 110 grimoire summons)!


Daily Free Loser's Grimoire x11 Reward

All users will be rewarded for reaching each set amount of A weapons summoned in Goodies Galore! Loser's Grimoire, up to 900 twilight crystals.



Twilight Crystal x500


1st Anniversary Login Bonus

Get Twilight Crystal x50 for each daily login during the event period for up to Twilight Crystal x500 total.


1st Anniversary Gift

Get Twilight Crystal x300 for logging in at any time during the event period.


1st Anniversary Missions

Get Twilight Crystals or in-game items for clearing various 1st Anniversary missions. Get up to Twilight Crystal x300 for clearing all missions.


1st Anniversary Eve

Use the "1st Anniversary Medal" distributed during the "1st Anniversary Eve" to exchange for Twilight Crystals. You can get up to Twilight Crystal x300.


 A Terrifying 1st Anniversary Nightmares' Tale Reward

 Clear "A Terrifying 1st Anniversary Nightmares' Tale" and get up to Twilight Crystal x200.


Campaign Period

2021/6/28 (after maintenance) to 2021/7/12 at 4:59 (UTC)


Get a New Class in the Spirit Event Another Alice!

SINoALICE is now available on mobile devices.

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