Warframe TennoCon Breaks Viewership Records

Huge amount of gamers turned out to see the latest on Warframe

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Jul 2021

Warframe is one of the most popular free-to-play games available. Thanks to community feedback, support, and updates more and more players log in each day. During the most recent TennoCon that revealed the upcoming The New Expansion expansion Warframe's preview event became 1 of the top 5's highest concurrent streams of 2021.


The stream drew in over 540,000 people to look at the future of Warframe.

This is the biggest thing we’ve done, by a lot… and I’m super excited to do a live demo,” Steve Sinclair, Creative Director at Digital Extremes, commented during the live broadcast.

“TennoCon is about Warframe players... an accepting, supportive and inclusive community.  They are the reason we have such a fun, cooperative game to play online with friends. This year, the community achieved all-new heights and we couldn’t be more appreciative of their support,” said Rebecca Ford, Live Operations and Community Director at DE. “We put passion and energy into creating a memorable reveal of The New War for players and we couldn’t be happier to see that this really is what brings Tenno together. They want to know what comes next in our story.”

The game is currently set to get cross-play, cross-save, and a mobile version. This coupled with the upcoming expansion and even more updates ensure players will have months worth of content to play through.

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