Dying Light Switch Update Increases Base Resolution and Bug Fixes

Dying Light on the Switch gets new improvements

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Oct 2021

Dying Light just launched on Switch and today Techland released a new patch. Resolving bugs, improving resolution, and having a set frame rate option.

Dying Light,NoobFeed,

Dear Nintendo Switch players! Below, you can find the patch notes for the upcoming update:
??Fixed Hellraid crash
??Tweaked motion controls gameplay
??Base resolution increased (Portable only)
??Added Frame Cap (30 FPS)
??General Bug fixing and improved stability pic.twitter.com/eaCtVzN1Xg

— Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) October 29, 2021

The update is detailed below:

Fixed Hellraid crash

Tweaked motion controls gameplay

Base resolution increased (Portable only)

Added Frame Cap (30 FPS)

General Bug fixing and improved stability

Dying Light is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and Switch.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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