Marvel Future Revolution has a new update with Magik, the ruler of Limbo and sister to Colossus, as a new playable character starting today.

Marvel Future Revolution,NoobFeed,

This comes with the event themed after the release of Spider-Man No Way Home. 

Other additions in today’s update include:

?       Training Grounds – PvE content where players can farm experience points to level up their Super Heroes.

?       New Companions – In addition to Spider-Man [No Way Home], other characters like Daredevil have been added to MARVEL Future Revolution as Companions

?       Various Improvements, including:

o   Combat Targeting System Improvements

o   Costume Nano-Fusion Improvements

o   Omega Card/Companion Presets

o   Content QoL Changes (Dark Zone, Omega War, Special Operations)

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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