Free Content and Roadmap Have Been Unveiled by SIFU

Pak Mei Kung-Fu game SIFU brings some exciting updates to the content and a roadmap.

By Rayan, Posted 27 Apr 2022

SIFU, the new standard for the frantic and taxing action game by Sloclap, has turned with some exciting updates to the content. The following is a revised plan for Sifu's subsequent seasonal updates:

 - Spring: A variety of difficulty settings, an advanced training mode, and the opportunity to change clothing to satisfy your need for retribution in style.

- Summer: You may now customize your Sifu experience with an innovative score system and various gameplay options.

- Autumn: A replay editor, new gameplay modifiers, and new clothes to showcase your most amazing adventures.

- Winter: Arena, a new game mode, was added in the winter (more information to come later in the year), adding a set of modifiers and garb.

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Several members of Sloclap practice martial arts, particularly Pak Mei Kung-Fu, which SIFU draws inspiration from. We worked closely with the Kowloon Nights studio in Beijing and Hong Kong throughout the game production process to ensure that the final product was respectful of the Chinese culture of Kung Fu. 

The designers of several Chinese video game firms were also encouraged to participate in the collaborative effort to share their expertise and influence many aspects of the game, from the main character's design to the minor elements of the setting.

Music by Chinese musician Howie Lee highlights the five pillars of Wuxing in the Sifu world, fusing traditional Chinese instruments with electronic music to create a distinctive sound that maintains the sense of authenticity at the core of the Sloclap team's concerns.

More updates will be out soon enough, while you can check our Sifu PlayStation 4 Review.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
Editor, NoobFeed

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