Arise: A Simple Story - Definitive Edition Out Now

The Nintendo Switch version of Arise: A Simple Story - Definitive Edition is now available with a load of new features and additional material.

By Rayan, Posted 28 Apr 2022

Untold Tales and Piccolo Studio have announced that Arise: A Simple Story is now available for the Nintendo Switch. In Europe, the game will be available at 3 pm CET, while the North American store will open at 12 pm EST/9 am PDT on the day of the release in the United States and Canada, respectively.

'Arise: A Simple Story' portrays the story of finding, living with, and finally losing a soul mate and the memories that journey makes in 3D time manipulation.

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You'll be able to manipulate time, solve riddles, and modify your surroundings as you go through the memories of a previous life and learn how a soulmate may influence one's future. Each level is a metaphor for the phases of life and how our memories influence these recollections. The game also has a couch co-op mode that is simple to learn and use, enabling you to play with a friend or loved one.

Arise: A Simple Story - Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch includes many special features:

- Digital Artbook with Over 100 Pages
- 18 Track Original Soundtrack
- Custom Photo Mode
- Gyroscope Support

On Thursday, April 28, 2022, Arise: A Simple Story - Definitive Edition will be available on the Nintendo eShop at a 50% discount for the first week.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
Editor, NoobFeed

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
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