Voidtrain's Stolen Treasure Update Released

May 19 - June 16 is the Epic Mega Sale, which offers a 25 percent discount on the new battle system and improved opponent AI.

By SnowWhite, Posted 19 May 2022

With today's significant "Stolen Treasure" update from HypeTrain Digital, players of Voidtrain can expect an improved adversary AI that may now take valuables from their train, as well as an all-new weapon system, riddles, and void monsters. The Epic Mega Sale, which runs until June 16th, offers a 25% discount on Voidtrain in the Epic Games Store.

Players join as a member of an interdimensional train crew in the first-person action/survival game Voidtrain, where they meet dangerous animals, find priceless riches, and much more! During the gameplay, they upgrade weapons and practice using the resources they've collected in both solo and online co-op modes.

Voidtrain, Stolen Treasure, Update, HypeTrain Digital

Players also take on the role of mechanics who have found themselves in a whole new world, one that has its own set of laws and norms. they explore it, discover it, and learn to live in it while embarking on a brand-new, mind-blowing journey. The journey will be filled with strange animals, mysteries, riddles, and difficulties. Get the supplies you need to make the tools and buildings you'll need to make it to the next day. Take control of the train and travel between the fantastical realms of Voidtrain with style.

Players will have to learn to adapt to a new environment with the help of their technicians. Gravity isn't always a factor in this universe, which has its own set of regulations. They will need to gather resources, explore the many stations and islands, and hunt the animals that live there. Players are expected to enjoy every experience in Voidtrain because of how the environment, events, and items around them are generated. A fresh route, different landscapes, and a new train await each time!

So far, Voidtrain has sold over 100,000 units on Epic Games Store since its Early Access launch in August 2021 and is now ranked #33 on Steam Wishlists.

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