DC Universe Online Developers Cancel Marvel Game

Daybreak Games cancels their Marvel MMO

By AlexJohn, Posted 25 May 2022

While successful at the box office, Marvel video games have been rather hit-or-miss over the years. For every Insomniac Spider-Man game, there is a Marvel's Avengers by Square Enix. Daybreak Games have successfully combined superheroes and the MMO genre in the past with DC Universe Online, however, for the second time in five years they have found Marvel Comics a tougher nut to crack. Having previously canceled a Marvel-related MMO game in 2018 (and subsequently laid off numerous staff members), Daybreak Games announced its second attempt in November 2021. Six months later, their Swedish holding company announced that the Marvel project, spearheaded by Jack Emmert and Dimensional Ink Games, has also been canceled.


Daybreak Studios, NoobFeed


A May 25th press release states that there has been a "re-evaluation of the development risk profile, size of investment, and the long-term product portfolio strategy" and that the 500 million Swedish Krona (approximately $50,555,000) that was going to be invested into the game will now go toward developing original IPs and upgrading Daybreak's other MMO titles Lord of the Rings Online and DC Universe Online


Alex David Johnson
News Editor, NoobFeed


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