FIFA 23 Will Finally Do The Women's Game Justice

FIFA 23 to feature female leagues and World Cup for the first time.

By AlexJohn, Posted 20 Jul 2022

FIFA 23 will be the end of an era. After a 30-year partnership, football governing body FIFA and video game publisher EA will go their separate ways.

Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe will adorn the cover for the third year in a row. For the game's Special Edition the Frenchman is joined by Chelsea forward Sam Kerr, with the Australian becoming the first female player to appear on a FIFA cover.

The women's game has been growing in popularity and quality for several years and FIFA is finally acknowledging as much. While women's international teams have been in the game since 2015, their inclusion has often felt like an after-thought. In FIFA 2023 however, EA is making strides to add more representation and gameplay variety. Finally, club sides from female leagues will be playable as the English WSL (Women's Super League) and French Division 1 Féminine leagues will appear for the first time. Hopefully more will be announced soon as while these two leagues are a good start, they are not enough, especially with noticeable absences including the American NWSL (National Women's Soccer League) and Spanish Primera División. 


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It has been an exciting year for football fans already with the current Women's European Championships exciting supporters throughout the summer and a Men's World Cup unlike any seen before taking place in Qatar in Novemeber. FIFA 23 will feature modes based upon both the 2022 Qatar World Cup and next year's Women's World Cup, which is set to take place in New Zealand and Australia. Authentic stadiums, footballs, and much more will be in the game as well as special game modes representing each tournament respectively. 

As for gameplay, according to GamesRadar, motion capture technology HyperMotion 2 has been used to capture "6000 new animations", including a library specifically built for female footballers. As well as this, set pieces have apparently been "completely reworked" to help players create more accurate opportunities and attempts on goal. 

While cross-play between PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC will be available, unfortunately, cross-gen will still not be possible in FIFA 23. According to associate producer Sam Rivera (via GamesRadar), "The gameplay is too different... There are multiple features that are current-gen exclusive, so we cannot just match up [to last-gen]. It would de-sync right away."

FIFA 23 pre-orders are now open and the game releases on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC on September 30th, 2022.

Alex David Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
News Editor, NoobFeed

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