Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition Revealed

Embrace the Dark Arts with Hogwarts Legacy's pricey Digital Deluxe and Collector's Editions

By AlexJohn, Posted 26 Aug 2022

At Gamescom 2022 Avalanche Software revealed a new trailer for their upcoming Wizarding World game Hogwarts Legacy. The majority of the trailer focuses on Sebastian Sallow, a student from Slytherin House with an unhealthy interest in the Dark Arts. The end of the trailer gives viewers a look at the Digital Deluxe Edition and, keeping in theme with the trailer, it contains cosmetics and items that embrace Hogwarts' darker side.

The Digital Deluxe Edition features the Dark Arts Pack, Onyx Hippogriff Mount, and the Dark Arts Garrison Hat. As well as 72 hours early access and the base game. The Edition's key selling point will undoubtedly be the Thestral Mount contained in the Dark Arts Pack. Thestrals are a breed of skeletal winged horses that are only visible to those that have seen death. First appearing in Harry Potter and The Order of the Pheonix, they are pitch black, bat-like, and often seen as a bad omen. Within Hogwarts Legacy, the Thestral will replace the player's Hippogriff Mount and help them traverse the world. The Dark Arts pack will also be available for owners of the Standard Edition to purchase separately at launch.


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Hogwarts Legacy's Collector's Edition contains a magic wand, book base, steelbook, in-game Kelpie robe cosmetic, and the aforementioned Digital Deluxe Edition. It is worth noting that those on consoles will have a disc in the steelbook, while those on PC will receive a code in theirs. The big ticket item of Hogwarts Legacy's Collectors Edition is the "life-size floating ancient magic wand with book base." The book has a hefty, weathered look to it and contains a map of Hogwarts and its grounds. In Avalanche Software's unboxing, the wand can be seen spinning in the air, floating an inch or two above the book. However, be prepared to open your wallet as GamesRadar reported that the Collector's Edition costs a staggering $289 for PC and last generation consoles and $300 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


Alex David Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
News Editor, NoobFeed

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