SQUARE ENIX Confirmed Final Fantasy XVI Released Date

The Standard and Deluxe Editions of Final Fantasy XVI are now available for pre-order, with the Collector's Edition going on sale on Monday, December 12.

By Rayan, Posted 09 Dec 2022

In a recent announcement, SQUARE ENIX confirmed that the worldwide release of their next action role-playing game Final Fantasy XVI will occur on June 22, 2023. Producer Naoki Yoshida made the revelation during The Game Awards 2022 by unveiling a new trailer for the game dubbed "REVENGE," alluding to one of Clive's motives that players would experience in the PlayStation 5 release next year. They also announced that pre-orders for Final Fantasy XVI Standard and Deluxe Editions are available now, while pre-orders for the Collector's Edition will begin on Monday, December 12 at the Square Enix Store.

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Valisthea, a country blessed with the light of the Mothercrystals, is the setting for Final Fantasy XVI, a new, independent narrative in the Final Fantasy universe, an epic dark fantasy world where peace falters as the expansion of the Blight threatens to destroy their dominions. The destiny of the nation rests in the hands of the Eikons, strong and dangerous creatures, and the Dominants, men and women who have been granted the gift of calling upon and using them.

Clive Rosfield, the hero of this narrative, is a warrior who has promised to defend his younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Phoenix, Eikon of Fire, and has been awarded the title "First Shield of Rosaria." Clive will soon be embroiled in a major tragedy and vow vengeance against the Dark Eikon Ifrit, an unknown force that leaves destruction in its path.

SQUARE ENIX is releasing Final Fantasy XVI in a Standard Edition and three SKUs, with its unique set of features and a unique take on the game's stunning characters, rich narrative, and compelling tale. Pre-orders for the game's Standard and Deluxe Editions begin today, while the Collector's Edition goes live on Monday, December 12. The Braveheart (Weapon) DLC and the Cait Sith Charm (Gil Boost Accessory) DLC will be given to everyone who pre-orders Final Fantasy XVI.

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