Armored Core VI Will Not Just Be A New Soulsborne Game, Says Hidetaka Miyazaki

Armored Core VI will not just be another soulsborne game, according to an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki and Masaru Yamamura.

By LCLupus, Posted 12 Dec 2022

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of several of From Software’s most acclaimed games, sat down to an interview alongside Masaru Yamamura, the director of Armored Core VI, to explain some of the game’s details. During this interview, something that came up repeatedly was that no, Armored Core VI is not going to just be another soulsborne game.

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This interview was conducted by IGN and it included a lot of great information about the game that was not included in the teaser trailer that was shown off for The Game Awards. Armored Core VI will be more single player oriented than previous entries in the franchise, but it will have a multiplayer component. We have only been told that there will be a versus mode for online play, and that other information will be revealed later. When it comes to the single player side, we have been told a lot more.

Armored Core VI will continue the franchise tradition of third-person mech combat with a strong focus on mech customization. He explained: “So we wanted to take the assembly aspect, assembling and customizing your own mech — your AC — and then being able to exact a high level of control over the assembled mech. So we wanted to take those two core concepts and reexamine those in our modern environment.”

However, the game will adopt a more mission-based structure with variable difficulty rather than an open-world structure favored by soulsborne games. It will also have considerably more development resources assigned to it, it will have a heavier focus on boss battles, with an aggressive, speed-focused, and action-oriented fighting system, and a new counter-style mechanic despite the long-range focus of many Armored Core games. Although, there will be more melee options than in the past.

Miyazaki himself first worked on an Armored Core game when he joined From Software, and the first game he directed there was Armored Core 4. However, he is stepping back from the director’s seat this time around and is serving more as a conceptual aid so that Masaru Yamamura can take the center stage, but one thing they do want to make clear is that that have “not been making a conscious effort to try to direct it towards more Soulsborne type gameplay. First of all, let me just make that clear.”

So, do not expect soulsborne-style gameplay, although, they did also state that From Software games tend to lean towards more apocalyptic settings. At least you’ll still get that this time around.

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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